Characteristics of Civilization

What makes a civilization?

There are different answers, depending on who you talk to. Some list five, six, seven, or eight requirements or characteristics of civilization. Some of them are listed below. What do they mean? What are some examples from the ancient world? Create an informative wiki that explains simply what these characteristics are. Contribute to the wiki five times. You should use your own words and include examples of each characteristic. You may include pictures, videos, or websites. You should put your name next to your contribution and cite your sources.

There are many things that make a civilization, here are 5


A good civilization has had people that created invention.


How people in a certain group of people behave, dress or the things that they eat or the music that they listen to.


Symbols or letters that allow people to communicate non-verbally.


Basically people who make the rules & do their best to enforce them. Also the ones that run the civilization.

Social Structure

Levels in society like in Workers & Bosses
-Damian Rodriguez

A city is basically a town times 10 depending on the location of the city. Without cities we as humans ,our populatuion wouldn't be as large as it is today and we would most like likely be living in small areas. Also we would have a small farming communities and would only farm for ourselves and not for money or as a job. -michael jordan-

A city is generally seen as a very large settlement of people or seen as a place where a lot of commerce or trade might occur but its usually determined by us, there is no specific distinguishable way of seeing a difference except population of that area. ( Source )
external image b-405069-Dubai_City_Scene.jpg ( Source )
-Daniel Mykoff-

a large place were a bunch of people live work and comute. tyler harris
external image cities_long_image.jpg
BY;Carmen castaneda

Central Government and Codes of Law
A central gov't is a nation state gov't that maintains national security and exercises interantional diplomacy( the cat of negtotiating internationally). This is need in case if a nation is incrisis and the U.S. come to its aid , but we just never leave and the country wants us out we set up negotiations to leaving as to when we are to leave etc. A code of laws is needed for things to be in order.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKoYJuyqNXctpb0Yg_WuE1lyc6TDK7gcFyIK5cgLJwUzkxBTnPRkqO6-g

-michael jordan- and

a goverment to control you and set laws for a country to follow. tyler harris

Without having a laws to follow everything would be chaotic. People would do as they wish and not be punished for the crime they do. Having laws helps limit what people can do.

- Amarrisa Garza

Writing and Record-Keeping
an example of record keeeping is like documenting a person's birth certificate.

The main reasons for record keeping is mainly for finance as far as lost tax deductions equals lost money and also if you don't have any financial statements because without it you won't know if you what you have gained or lost money wise.
external image income_statement1.png-michael jordan-

Record keeping is like your bank account or finances. It is mostly used for money usage reasons.
external image pic_record_keeping.jpg
-Daniel Mykoff-

Specialized Jobs
Specialized jobs are needed for the community because if everybody in the community has the same job then if something that happens in the community like there aren't enough clothes or blankets, or ther is no food left. Then no one is going to know whta to do because they're all focusing on that one job.
external image diagram.jpgA great example of a community haveing specialized jobs is the cell you see above. Because each part of this cell (communtiy) has different jobs. Such as the vacuole which stores space for food and water.

-michael jordan- picture is from google images

Specialized Jobs are important to the people because they can perform things that most individuals are not capable of. This also helps in emergency's when there could be a medical or engineering problem.

external image key-15-engineering.jpg
-Daniel Mykoff-

Social Classes
First off if you don't know what a social class is it is the way others in the community view you. A great example is in India because they have a caste system. Such as the picture below.
[Caste System Triangle 06.01]
[Caste System Triangle 06.01]

-michael jordan-

Social classes are used to categorize specific types of people going from most powerful to most simple and who in specific works or is included in those classes.
external image SocialClass1.jpg (Source)
-Daniel Mykoff-

Social classes- is The common stratum model of class divides society into a simple hierarchy of working class, middle class and upper class.

external image pyramid.jpg - Bianca Arana

i think that social classes can be used to keep people from fighting eachother over money clothes and stuff like that tyler harris

Complex technologies
An example of complex technology is the i phone or a camera phone. The reason i say that is because how do you get a full sized camera in a .5 centimeter space then have it operate perfectly.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQLCzjVPBoqJsVX8CpYOhqmxJ_hJVkUFbGCjwyz3Rmf0KOcqjT9czZqoWIThe reason to have technology is to move up in human culture and to make life easier for us.
external image sustain_timeline.jpgby,carmen castaneda
-michael jordan-

Complex Technologies are usually major advancements in technology and can range from as simple as a keyboard to a Tablet or Supercomputer.
Examples: The RedStorm supercomputer is used for the US Departments National Energy Security Administration.
Laptops, even your laptop is an extremely complex technology because we went from a basic machine taking up an entire room to them fitting in your lap and today, having enough power to do graphic design or video editing on extreme measures.
external image best-laptop-deals-under-500.jpg
-Daniel Mykoff-

Having Complex Technology is also good to have to find out what is going on in other parts of the world. It is also good to keep in touch with your friends who may live far away.

-Amarrisa Garza

complex tecnolagy is like tvs ps3s xbox computure a cell phone tyler harris

Highly Organized Religions-
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSeqzdqwNAV6yStKMWvtZ632GPUvcrUld4bDb1QlPAl7zAHzW9wsQ
This an example of organized religion such as the cross is for Christianity the six pointed star is for Judaism and so on and so forth. Highly organized religion religion is necessary because some want to have this feeling of being grounded, or just like to go by the books . Because with an organized religion people can say and do whatever and still claim to be a member of that religion.

-michael jordan- picture brought to you by

Religion is also important to have because people need something to believe in. As in what happened before and after life, and how things got to the way they are now.

-Amarrisa Garza

Culture/Art- culture is the foundation of society it provides the tribe of humans it's identity and with a set of rules and regulations.
external image melting_pot.gifThis is an example of the american culture of how so many races comes to america.

Art is important because it displays the emotions,feelings and opinions of not just one person but generations at once.

-michael jordan- info and pictures brought to you by

Art is also important for telling stories, and recording events.


- Amarrisa G, Bianca Arana,carmen castaneda

Stable Food Supply- a stable food supply shouldn't really need any explanation ,but I will explain on. A stable food supply is neede obviously to survive off of . The less food you have the more you will survive the more food you have the more you will flourish.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7aLfFSxJ0shRLOERSzwJEVbJmJ4O_fQCRfRX-k58gnDL0fGw2
This is an example of stable food supply because you have all of these crops to live off of and those crops leave seeds for the next wave of vegetables and so on and so forth.

-michael jordan- Picture provided by google

STABLE FOOD SUPPLY: when a society has enough food so it can survive, plus some extra to trade and
having food all year round without having to hunt or gather.

Indo_-_Miyatty_SRI_Farmer_in_East_Java_1.jpg this is a lady gathering crops for food.

- Amarrisa G, Bianca Arana

to always have a supply of food tyler harris

-..What make civilization?

Civilization is made up of complex society or culture group characterized by dependence upon agriculture, long distance trade, state form of government, occupational specialization, urbanism and class stratification. -FAYE!

Characteristics of civilization ?

Social structure-
the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships.-FAYE

Stable food supply-Before: Moved with their food supply
external image arrowhead.pngAfter: Water and good soil for crops- FAYE!

Religion-believed in life after death.-FAYE
external image religions20of20the20earth.jpg
Religion is a collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and worldviews that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.
By;carmen castaneda


Before: Families (male ruled) evolutionary, from family to village to city.-FAYEE!

external image arrowhead.pngAfter: Chief with council.

Writing is important for civilization because it helps us do things we need everyday.
It helps us create business transactions. It helps us write treaty's.-FAYE!

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTVzDFh6kyg40NwD_xWzMFa6fStpBM9Fs4TPvJY2Gpa-C_5J9tVBy:CARMEN CASTANEDA

Technology-Before: Stone tools
external image arrowhead.pngAfter: Farming, baking and firing pottery, specialized tools, bronze tools and weapons-FAYE!

stuff to help them advance in life tyler harris

the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social,ethnic, or different traditions.-FAYE!

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRlse8_Wi-80hYlIThC8ZieJgw_5er1HddvQeD_VF3ry3WicXnpBy;CARMEN castaneda

Ancient civilization examples
  • social startisfaction and ranking-which means a characteristic of complex societies in which diffrent persons within a society have diffrent qualities of power,rights and responsibilities.

  • Increasing of sedentism-archaeologists use to describe the process of settling down to live in groups for periods of time.

  • Trade or exchange networks,leading to the presence of luxury goods and exotic goods such as the Baltic amber trade.

  • Metallurgy-used by archaeologists study of ancient process producing objects made of metal,including quarrying,mine construction,and smelting.

  • Craft specialization-the assignment of specific tasks to specific people or subsets of people in a community.

  • Pastoralism-is the name given to the subsistence practice in which people care for and domesticate animals,usually ungulates such as camels,llamas,cattle reindeer,sheep,and goats.

  • Monument Architecture-Man made structures.These generally used as public buildings or spaces,such as pyramids,large tombs,large mounds,plazas,platform mounds,temples standing stones etc.

    -crystal ochoa
  • ancient civilizations.jpg